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Fire Engine Truck


26.00 EUR

Off to the rescue! Many children dream of joining the fire brigade. This Volvo fire engine (19 cm) from Majorette is a high-end model vehicle with fold-out ladder and rubber tires, toy fire engine with light and sounds effects, for children from the age of 3 years.

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this toy vehicle allows youngsters to go all in the world of a firefighter and learn about the functions of a fire engine.
The red fire engine features moving wheels and is easy for young children to use. It also has a siren and flashing lights to alert nearby traffic.
The original model comes with soft rubber tires with a tread pattern, transparent windows that reveal the detailed interior, a telescopic turntable ladder with a cage and extinguishing nozzle, and many other detailed features. The driver’s cab and platform covers are made of metal, and the other parts are made from plastic.
- Light and sound effects
- Feature-packed design
- Transparent windows
- Soft rubber tires


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