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Welcome to our world, where Volvo's history merges with our passion for quality merchandise. Since 1927, Volvo has grown into a global leader in transport solutions. We bring that same dedication to every item we offer - a promise to always meet the highest Volvo standards.





57°42'45"N 11°55'22"E

In 1927, Volvo kicked off its legendary journey with the ÖV4, its first-ever series-produced car. The wheels of this iconic vehicle rolled off the line on the island of Hisingen, Göteborg. Fast forward to today, and you can pinpoint the birthplace of Volvo's legacy at 57°42'45"N 11°55'22"E in Lundby, where the spirit of innovation and quality still thrives!






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Legacy favorite

“I'm all about the Legacy Sweatshirt—it's stylish with a cool 'SWE' embroidery on the arm, plus it's made from organic and recycled cotton. Super chill and comfy!


Anna Wendin
Product Strategy and Portfolio Manager
Volvo Merchandise






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Nearly a century later, Volvo stands as a global leader in transportation and infrastructure. Today, we pay homage to our beginnings with products proudly featuring "1927”. A tribute to where Volvo began and shows our commitment to keep moving forward.







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