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Wheel Loader


26.00 EUR

Volvo wheel loader from Majorette is a large construction vehicle for children aged 3 and above – with large shovel and movable parts, 1:43 scale, with light and sound effects
The ultimate vehicle for transporting building materials. This type of vehicle is designed to transport building materials over short distances.
Volvo wheel loader toy also comes with numerous practical functions that are guaranteed to keep young children entertained, It features two different sound effects as well as two headlights, two taillights and an orange warning light for alerting nearby traffic.
Other fun features include an opening bonnet and the shovel that can be moved up and down.
Thanks to its sturdy design, the Volvo wheel loader can handle even the toughest assignments. The large shovel and upper chassis are made from metal, and the other parts are made from plastic.
- Light and sound effects
- Numerous functions
- Material: Metal/plastic
- Opening bonnet
- Transparent windows
- Soft rub


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