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MIIEGO® Boom ANC Bluetooth Headphones Volvo Edition


267.00 EUR

Volvo has partnered up with the Danish audio brand MIIEGO that is specializing in wireless audio, and we are proud to present these multi-award-winning BOOM by MIIEGO® headphones with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation).
- Volvo Customized. These on-ear headphones is customized with several unique Volvo features such as sound notifications (incoming calls, pairing, volume etc), Volvo logo and coordinate Lundby HQ print. All nicely wrapped up in a Volvo branded gift box.
- On-ear cushions. The bluetooth headphones fits perfectly over your ears and include an extra set of washable MIIEGO® ACTIVE ear cushions, perfect for demanding conditions.
- ANC. With anti-noise cancellation it is easy to focus on the sound you choose.
- Built in microphone. Perfect for digital meetings.
- Excellent batterie life. Up to 36 hours of music with ANC turned off or 22 hours of battery time with ANC engaged!


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