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MIIEGO® Miini Axtive Bluetooth Speaker Volvo Edition


45.00 EUR

Volvo has partnered up with the Danish audio brand MIIEGO that is specializing in wireless audio for activity and movement, and we are proud to present MIIEGO® Miini Axtive Bluetooth Speaker in a Volvo Edition.
- Volvo customized. This cool mini speaker comes with Volvo unique sounds (pairing, tuning on/off etc.) Featured with the Volvo logo and delivered in a Volvo branded box. The perfect gift!
- Powerful. This wireless small speaker has built-in amplifier sports with 3 full watts of power with room for a microphone. Great for meetings at the office too.
- Stereo sound. Add an extra MIINI using True Wireless Stereo (TWS) technology to get a complete a stereo sound.
- Water splash proof. This loudspeaker is IPX5 certified and can handle sudden change in weather.
- Battery time is about 3-4 hours.
- Audio freedom. Small and light enough to take anywhere (only 165 g).


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