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Giving your customers a little extra pays off


It includes useful, high-quality items
a high-perceived value

It builds and exposes the Volvo Trucks 
brand to a larger audience​ 

The content adheres to our sustainability
thinking and strengthens that core value

By giving your customer that little extra
– you build better long-term relations


Volvo Trucks Handover Kit

110€ (item 113016)

Show your gratitude with the new Volvo Trucks Handover Kit.

Great items that are useful every day – in the truck and outside work. The items comes prepacked in the bag with a supporting bridge with Volvo Trucks greeting communication, letting your customers know you truly care.

We are proud to make the world's most innovative trucks,
but trucks aren't at the heart of what we do.
People are, you are.


Good things come 

in different sizes


The Volvo Handover Kit is available in two sizes.

Both sizes of kits are packed with items that are useful every day – in the truck and outside work. 


And they are packed in a weekend bag made from recycled paper – which proudly promotes our dedication to reducing waste.


Volvo Trucks Light Handover Kit w.Beanie

75€ (Item 113017)

Good things comes in different sizes. Like this Volvo Trucks Light Handover Kit.
The bag is a bit niter and offers a different selection of products, still much appreciated on and off road. They help build and expose the Volvo Trucks brand and sets the foundation for a long lasting relationship. All items are pre-packed in a weekend bag with Volvo Trucks brand enhancing communication.


Volvo Trucks Light Handover Kit w. Cap

75€ (Item 113056)

Same useful and practical Ligth Handover Kit but in this one we added a cap instead of a beanie.



That's a better customer relation in the bag!