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Award-winning Audio


Volvo have partnered up with MIIEGO® and are proud to present these multi-award-winning BOOM by MIIEGO® headphones with ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) - designed functionality-wise as a “4-in-1 product” for sports, relaxation, travelling, and office use.

Excellent soundexperience in combination with Volvo Spread Word Mark logo and coordinates print from Volvo headoffice in Lundby. Signal sounds from the actual Volvo Trucks and machines is an extra feature. 

It is all wrapped up neatly in a customized gift box, ready to put under the tree. A premium gift for the technical savy Volvo fan.


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We never send the Volvo logo to our partners and get a box of t-shirts in return.

In fact, making our products is a lot like building Volvo vehicles - Only the best materials from the finest sources will do. And we exclusively choose partners that share our care for the world we live in, treat their staff fairly and supply products that meet the highest Volvo standards.